English week 2011

Every year, an English speaking week is held in all classes in Sainte Marie, by the English teachers and primary school colleagues so that  the pupils may discover or improve their communication skills- but also for them to think, imagine or even dream in the foreign language, without subtitles, of course!. A whole series of events are organised.

Some examples : in Junior Highschool and primary school sections, the morning prayer in English ; a film shown for the pupils of the lycee ;  an Anglo-American lunch at the self service cafeteria, during which bilingual (and other) pupils conduct conversations in English, some gym exercises, round dances and singing during breaks and an initiation to Christmas Carols in the “Petit College”, the traditional itinerant concert of Christmas Carols throughout the whole building, 24, bd Victor Hugo, Uniform Day for the pupils from the Primary reception class (CP) to the second year Junior Highschool (5ème), some History, Art, Latin or other subject lessons in English in the lycée ; a theatrical performanceby an English speaking company, and so on.