Every year, an English speaking week is held in all classes in Sainte Marie, by the English teachers and primary school colleagues so that the pupils may discover or improve their communication skills- but also for them to think, imagine or even dream in the foreign language, without subtitles, of course! A whole series of events are organised.

En cinquième, concours entre les 4 classes sur la présentation de 4 pays du Commonwealth : Nigeria,British Columbia,New Zealand et Malta.
Les sixièmes ont été membres du jury et ont voté pour la classe qui les a le plus séduit .Culture et enthousiasme partagés dans les divisions.
En sixième le concours portait sur la création en équipe d ‘un petit livret mélangeant recettes anglaises, petits jeux et expression idiomatique à illustrer ! Nous avons découvert les talents de nos élèves et leur créativité.

  • En 5e autre projet : Blind Book dating
  • “English touch” dans les cours des autres professeurs
  • English lunch autour de fish and chips
  • Tea time en salle des professeurs
  • le CDI aux couleurs de l’union jack
  • Uniform Day le dernier jour, jour du spectacle de la Compagnie Oz

Our 2022 English -speaking week

From January 21st to February 4th we experienced an English -speaking week in Sainte Marie.
We enjoyed many activities to increase our knowledge of English.For this special week we worked in teams to make English booklets that included recipes ,games, tongue twisters and English idioms.Every morning we gathered together to pray in English.
The 5eme had decorated their classrooms to represent 4 countries from the British Commonwealth: British Columbia, Nigeria, Malta and New Zealand. We were invited to visit their classrooms , to answer a quiz and to vote for the one we liked best. They all did a great job though!
On Thursday we had an English meal at the canteen: fish and chips!It was as very good! On Friday two actors came in our school to put on a show about two characters: Little and Big.
They told us two fairy tales: «Jack and the Beanstalk» and «Little Red Riding Hood.» The show was great and really entertaining.
On Friday we all wore an English -Style school uniform. Our English week was really fun!

by Elise Gerner ( 6e3)